5 Easy Tips On Caring For Your Jewellery and Accessories

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Just like you, your fashion jewellery and accessories need some TLC too. We share our favourite easy tips on caring for your jewellery to ensure they continue to bring you joy for many years to come.The rule of thumb when it comes to caring for your jewellery is to ensure they are kept away from moisture, air, heat and chemical agents. Read on to find out more.1. Store your jewellery away from moisture and humidity Moisture is great, just not on your jewellery or accessories. Salt water, sweat and chlorine can all damage or discolour your jewellery. Humidity may also cause damage to your jewellery so avoid storing them in the bathroom. Quick Tip: Remember those silica gel packets usually included with your vitamins or supplements? Instead of throwing them away, store them with your jewellery to help keep them dry.2. Avoid contact with skincare or haircare products and perfume Always avoid contact with any harsh chemicals. Remove your jewellery first before...

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