Retro and Vintage Inspired Earrings Make A Comeback

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Think retro or vintage inspired earrings are a thing of the past? Think again. From A-list celebrities to your favourite influencers, these fashion-forward earrings are making a comeback faster than a Bugatti. We've always believed that earrings are like cherries🍒 on a cake. Like rainbow sprinkles on a doughnut. They may not seem like much, but without them, it just feels like something is seriously lacking. There's just no zing. Your getup looks incomplete and even predictable. Why?Well frankly, everyone else probably has the same idea (more or less) on how to style a particular outfit. Maybe we've seen how it's being worn on models or noteworthy influencers. So this begs the question - if everyone is wearing it the same way, then how do we add an element of "YOU" to it? Here's what we think - pop some earrings on and watch YOUR outfit go from "meh" to "yeah!". 1. Vintage Inspired Earrings Polka dots, prints and plaid. What could...

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