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“Find Joy, Spread Joy”.
At Joy With Jo, we’re on a mission to spread joy through our unique collections of cute novelty earrings. Our cute earrings are mostly made from acrylic, enamel or resin and are fitted with surgical steel or sterling silver posts or hooks, thus making them hypoallergenic and great for sensitive skin. We’re inspired by our love for all things fun and quirky, and driven by our passion for the past decades. Our specially curated and handmade jewellery and accessories are fun to wear so you can now add a touch of ‘you’ to your everyday style. From ravishing roses to flirty flamingos, these little adornments were made to ensure there’s never a dull moment in your life. After all, it’s the little things that matter the most, wouldn’t you agree? So wear your favourite colours. Mix and match with your favourite ensemble or wear matchy-matchy outfits. Whichever way you please, have fun dressing up to your heart’s content and add more joy to your day!


Tongue-tied? No need to be. Our stud, drop and dangle earrings are the perfect, effortless conversation starters. You’re going to dazzle just about everyone with your charm and stunning earrings, of course.

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If you’re a fun loving gal who finds comfort in retro fashion (feel like you were born in the wrong decade?), you’re in luck! Whether you’ve got your heart set on quirky, vintage inspired or floral designs, we’ve got you covered. Caution: It might get a little too addictive.

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Gifting yourself with cute accessories is such a great idea to brighten up your day. But want to know what’s even better? Gifting someone else as well! Whether it be your mini-me or that little sweetheart niece of yours, they’ll adore you even more for these irresistibly cute surprises. So don’t wait, time to add a touch of sparkle (and joy of course) to their day!


What do you give someone who already seems to have everything? Gift giving doesn’t have to be stressful or expensive. Take for example our smart jewellery folder. When it comes to storing accessories, we prefer space and cost saving solutions. Our smart jewellery folder stores up to 42 earrings, allowing you to conveniently access them from a single location and bring them along with you effortlessly. From organising to caring for your jewellery and heartwarming gift ideas, we’re here to ensure everything (and everyone!) you adore gets their much deserved TLC.



Joy With Jo
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Catherine Peters
Catherine Peters
08:31 13 Oct 23
Gorgeous Earrings so cute!
Was packed with care and really felt special😊
Cassie van der Merwe
Cassie van der Merwe
02:53 09 Mar 23
Adorable earrings, very fast delivery. Such a huge range to choose from. Love love love them. Will definitely buy more again.
Emily McKelvie
Emily McKelvie
14:17 30 Aug 22
Thank you for my earings
Love them so much and got so many compliments for my Bluey ones today
Can tell the quality is excellent also
Peta Fortune
Peta Fortune
08:03 24 May 22
Beautiful products, I can't wait to buy more. Reasonable pricing, quick postage and very thoughtful and cute packaging 🦄
Shelley Scott
Shelley Scott
01:10 07 Feb 22
Received my 2nd order today & love them. The fact that you get a handwritten thank you note is an absolute joy. Do yourself a favour, GET SOME!!!!
Cat Snell
Cat Snell
22:30 23 Nov 21
I love every earrings I get from joy with Jo.
Julia Broadbent
Julia Broadbent
09:58 30 Aug 21
I ordered 4 pairs of earrings and love them! Adorable designs, good quality, shipped in under a week and even received a bonus pair of earrings and handwritten thank you note! These personalised touches really make a difference. Thanks Ellie and Jo,... will definitely be ordering more
Suzzanne Bongartz
Suzzanne Bongartz
06:44 04 Aug 21
The earrings are really quirky I just received mine and can’t wait to show them off .
Kate Williams
Kate Williams
02:57 13 Jul 21
I just received my order and love them 😍 The design & quality are great, and stoked with such fast delivery. Definitely recommend! Thank you 🙏 🦄
Porsha Bossi
Porsha Bossi
03:22 19 Jun 21
Love the earrings and Ellie provided exceptional customer service!!! definetly reccommend this lovely business 🤗👍 thanks heaps
Nikki Rowlands
Nikki Rowlands
22:11 15 Jan 21
Received my order the next day... Beautifully presented... I can't wait to wear them!!! Will definitely be ordering again... Thank you!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Daphne Chee
Daphne Chee
06:13 27 Aug 20
I recently bought a pair of earrings from Joy with Jo and not just the product itself, but the packaging and the shipping too were good. I would be checking back the website for future purchase.
Highly recommended seller
Tiffany Chee
Tiffany Chee
05:09 27 Aug 20
I am amazed with my purchase. It is even prettier in reality than in the picture. The earrings are exquisite. It is rare to get something online that exceeds expectations. I would be looking forward to future purchase.
Britney Chew
Britney Chew
05:04 27 Aug 20
Every piece is so well crafted and I can’t stress enough how cute the designs are.Looking forward to more designs!
Janet Gonzales
Janet Gonzales
05:33 22 Aug 20
I am very delighted with the customer services accorded and the follow up and after sales services. I am very pleased with my purchases - great quality!. The fabulous catalogue with arrays of choices to choose from, be it vintage inspired, floral... and polka dots for any occasions and in line with the latest trends cause of its uniqueness and simplicity. Great selection at very competitive price. I am very enthusiastic and looking forward to make further purchases at "Joy With Jo".read more
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Fun, Quirky and Cute Earrings and Jewellery for a Joyful YOU.

At Joy With Jo, we truly believe it’s the little things that matter the most. We love how small adornments and accessories can make an entire outfit pop. We’re all for having fun being yourself and wearing what you love. And what better way to do so than expressing yourself with cute novelty earrings! It’s that confidence you get when you know your look is absolutely spot on. Or feeling like you’re on cloud nine when someone compliments on how put together or classy you are. After all, you’re unique so why should your jewellery and accessories be otherwise? So whether you’re into vintage inspired designs, floral themes or simply a lover of all things cute and unique, we’ve got what you need.

~ Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you’ll look back and realise, they weren’t so little after all.


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