4 Helpful Tips When You Shop Online Fashion Earrings

When you shop online fashion earrings, you’re spoiled for choice. Unlike a brick and mortar store where you’re confined to certain styles, shapes and colours; with online shopping, you can browse to your heart’s content before you finally decide on an earring (or two) *cheeky grin* to buy.

But how will you know if these novelty and cute earrings will meet your expectations? How can you tell if they’ll be kind on your sensitive skin? Read on to find out more about my top 4 earring shopping tips.

1. Check the earring posts or hooks

Unfortunately, what I’ve noticed when browsing earrings online, is the lack of information particularly when it comes to the materials used. It’s fine if you don’t have sensitive skin, but if you’re anything like me, any substances that aren’t too skin-friendly can prove to be a complete nightmare. (Yes, the itch is REAL and it’s no fun at all!) Allergens or metals such as nickel are the usual culprits when it comes to skin allergies or contact dermatitis.

Your best bet is therefore to look for nickel free earrings or hypoallergenic earrings. Bear in mind though that earrings labelled hypoallergenic do not guarantee that they will not cause any allergies at all, but rather, fewer allergic reactions. To be sure, always check if the product description mentions anything about the earrings being suitable for and/or tested on sensitive skin. If yes, then great. Chances are you’ll be able to wear them too. As a rule of thumb, earring posts made from sterling silver, gold, surgical or stainless steel are best for sensitive skin.

Quick Tip: As a rule of thumb, earring posts made from sterling silver, gold, surgical or stainless steel are best for sensitive skin.

2. Check the dimensions or weight

As you are buying earrings online, you won’t be able to see or feel the earrings before you buy. You would pretty much have to rely on the manufacturer’s product photos and description to decide whether or not those earrings you have your heart set on would be a good fit for you.

Most online fashion earrings have product photos that show a close up view of the earrings itself. While this is great as you can see every detail of the earrings, it can be tricky to guess how big (or small) the earrings actually are. As such, remember to check the product description and see if the manufacturer has included the earrings’ size or dimensions. You can also look at product photos to see if the manufacturer has provided images of the product being worn on an actual person. This should give you a better idea of the size of the earrings and avoid disappointment of it not meeting your expectations.

Quick Tip: Check the earrings’ size or dimensions first to avoid disappointment of the earrings not meeting your expectations.

3. Studs or Hooks?

When it comes to choosing earrings, it may help to consider when or how often you’d like to wear them.

Is it for work? Smaller, inconspicuous studs may be more work-appropriate then. Large drops or dangles may be overly distracting, especially when you’ve got to nail that particular presentation. On the other hand, if you’re always with your headset on at work, getting hook earrings may be a better option so that your studs aren’t actually pushing against your ears and skin all the time!

The weekends? Bring on those big and bold quirky earrings! 😍

Quick Tip: When choosing earrings, it helps to consider when or how often you’d like to wear them.

4. Set Realistic Expectations

Just as there can’t possibly be two of the exact same people in the world, you can’t expect the earrings you bought to look exactly the same as advertised. Of course I don’t mean that the actual earrings you receive should turn up in an entirely different colour or material, but in all seriousness, you will need to be prepared that there may be a slight degree of variation in the ones you’ve received. This is especially true if the earrings are handmade or hand-painted, or they are individually cut from slabs of polymer clay.

And as with all handmade earrings and jewellery pieces, there may be slight imperfections or blemishes from one item to another. That’s what makes these individual earrings unique in its own special way.

Quick Tip: There may be slight variations or imperfections in the earrings you receive, especially if they are handmade or hand-painted.

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